July 2018

Seedfield Archers

Shoot Date 15th July 2018

Report produced by Geoff McSweeney

Just like the rest of the country the weather was a scorcher, which is hard to believe for Manchester having no rain !!. A 2x20 course of 3D & 2D's was set out with a number of challenging shots, but with some gimmies thrown in for good measure. Courses don't lay themselves and thanks are extended to Harvey & Joe who planned the course and to the club members who sweltered on the Saturday laying the course. A huge thanks to Ann and her helpers for keeping everybody fed and watered, but the biggest thanks goes to you, the archers who all attended and, hopefully enjoyed a good days shooting. Hope to see you all again soon, if not at least at our next planned shoot in November - best regards Geoff.

PRIMITIVE Gents:                               Club / Score 

 1st - Phil Johnson Centaura    670 

 2nd - Andrew Booth Ye Olde Delph Bowmen    656 

 3rd - Brian Robson Archers of Dolphinholme    552 

 LONGBOW Gents:                              Club / Score 

 1st - Lionel Rodriguez Muttley Crew    668 

 2nd - Alan Beatty North Lakes Archers    642 

 3rd - Nathan Smith Team Firebird    562 

 LONGBOW Ladies:                            Club / Score 

 1st Jan Booth Ye Olde Delph Bowmen    638 

 2nd - Viv Guthrie Delamere Field Archers    552 

 AMERICAN FLATBOW Gents:     Club / Score 

 1st - Alan Carruthers North Lakes Archers    684

 2nd - Colin Hall Butsfield Bowmen    666 

 3rd - Phil Nelson North Lakes Archers    648 

 AMERICAN FLATBOW Ladies:     Club / Score 

 1st - Jacqui Johnson Centaura    502 

 2nd - Claire Thomson North Lakes Archers    470 

 3rd - Claire Akeroyd Muttley Crew    464 

 AMERICAN FLATBOW U14B:        Club / Score 

 1st - James McGiffin Sabden Fold    562 

 HUNTING TACKLE Gents:             Club / Score 

 1st - Mike Thomson North Lakes Archers    734 

 2nd - Chris Moon Robin Hood Bowmen    722 

 3rd - Paul Caddick Duvelle Bowmen    682 

 HUNTING TACKLE Ladies:             Club / Score 

 1st - Trish Gramauskas Ye Olde Delph Bowmen    662 

 2nd - Kathryn Dixon Team Firebird    584 

 3rd - Anne Moon Robin Hood Bowmen    426 

 HUNTING TACKLE U14B:                Club / Score 

 1st - Leon Knight Seedfield Archers    408 

 BAREBOW Gents:                                 Club / Score 

 1st - Mick Kirkman Owlett Hall    726 

 2nd - Kieron Van Der Schans Team Firebird    708 

3rd - Marc Dellerba Kendal Bowmen    692 

 BAREBOW Ladies:                               Club / Score 

 1st - Joanna Kwiatkowski Ye Olde Delph Bowmen    510 

 BAREBOW U12B:                                   Club / Score 

 1st - Rohan Clarke Cobra Archers    506 

 TRAD BOWHUNTER Gents :              Club / Score 

 1st - Richard Ford Delamere Field Archers    754 

 2nd - John Eddleston Ye Olde Delph Bowmen    620 

3rd - Simon Cowans Muttley Crew    592 

 TRAD BOWHUNTER Ladies:               Club / Score 

 1st - Lynne Harrison Centaura    664 

 2nd - Kathy Newall Independant    528 

 3rd - Carole Pope Team Firebird    300 

 BOWHUNTER Gents:                               Club / Score 

 1st - Chris Plant Foxhill Bowmen    784 

 BOWHUNTER Ladies:                              Club / Score 

 1st - Kath Harrison Team firebird    686 

 2nd - Helen Watson Foxhill Bowmen    646 

 3rd - Sarah Taylor Foxhill Bowmen        486 

 BOWHUNTER U16G:                                 Club / Score 

 1st - Lily Cousins Team Firebird    676 

 COMPOUND LIMITED Gents:                Club / Score 

 1st - Robert Pierce Redoubtables    812 

 2nd - Howard Roberts Redoubtables    720 

 FREESTYLE Ladies:                                    Club / Score 

 1st - Ruth Wing Ye Olde Delph Bowmen    738 

 2nd - Zoe Chadwick Team Firebird    630 

 UNLIMITED Gents:                                      Club / Score 

 1st - Mark Duerden Team Firebird    916 

 2nd - Chris Wilkinson Team Firebird    898 

 3rd - Spencer Martin Redoubtables    896 

 UNLIMITED Ladies:                                     Club / Score 

 1st - Hannah Pope Team Firebird    764 

 CROSSBOW Gents:                                         Club / Score 

 1st - Mike Coban Oakridge    920 

 2nd - Derek Fuller Foxhill Bowmen    814 

 3rd - Harry Atkinson Kendal Bowmen    762

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