Oct 2019

Seedfield Archers

Shoot Date 20th October 2019

Report produced by Geoff McSweeney

As with most of the country during the week leading up to the shoot the heavens were open and torrential rain was giving us a good soaking, fortunately the weather improved on the Saturday so at least we could put the course out without being soaked, however we had to hastily change a part of the course as the area wouldn't have survived the slipping & sliding of 73 archers moving between targets. From the comments received the change turned out to be acceptable with the exception of the aptly numbered target 13 which seemed to 'steal' arrows that passed over the back of the animal, hopefully all arrows were found and returned to their respective owners. As in our previous shoots the scout manager Ann kept everyone fed & watered and also provided a nice and warm room to enjoy breakfast and lunch in. Hopefully see you all next year at some point - best regards Geoff.

PRIMITIVE Gents:                               Club /   Score 

 1st - James Baxter Independent 578

 2nd - Mark Peet Centaura Field Archers 534 

 3rd - Andrew Booth Independent 510 

 LONGBOW Gents :                             Club / Score 

 1st - Steve Blackhall Delamere Field Archers 648 

 2nd - Alan Beatty North Lakes Field Archers 586

 3rd - Gordon Keown North Lakes Field Archers 564

 LONGBOW Ladies :                           Club /  Score 

 1st - Jan Booth Independent 546

 AMERICAN FLATBOW Gents        Club / Score

 1st - Alan Carruthers North Lakes Field Archers 664

 2nd - Graham Lord Team Firebird FAC 608 

 3rd - Duncan Jacques Owlet Hall Bowmen 546

 AMERICAN FLATBOW Ladies       Club / Score 

 1st - Trish Gramuskas Independent 626

 2nd - Claire Thomson North Lakes Field Archers 376

 3rd - Marie Blackhall Delamere Field Archers 348 

 HUNTING TACKLE Gents:              Club / Score

 1st - Nigel Bell Cheshire Oak Bowmen 656 

 2nd - Glen Wood Hollywood 622

 3rd - Mike Thomson North Lakes Field Archers 618 

 HUNTING TACKLE Ladies:             Club / Score

 1st - Audrey Hardman Cheshire Oak Bowmen 556

 2nd - Allison Rayson Archers of Dolphinholme 512 

 3rd - Susan Gill Kendal Bowmen 496 

 HUNTING TACKLE U16B                  Club / Score 

 1st - Leon Knight Seedfield Archers 436 

 HUNTING TACKLE U12G:                 Club / Score

 1st - Chloe Livingstone Foxhill Bowmen 382 

 BAREBOW Gents:                                  Club / Score

 1st Geoff Smith Viper Archers 744 

 2nd - Kieron Van Der Schans Team Firebird FAC 714

 3rd - Phil Johnson Centaura Field Archers 688 

 BAREBOW Ladies:                                 Club / Score

 1st - Ellie Smith Viper Archers 600 

 2nd - Carole Roberts Muttley Crew Archers 544 

 3rd - Jacqui Johnson Centaura Field Archers 522 

 BAREBOW U9G:                                      Club  / Score 

 1st - Ella Wilson Storm 300 

 TRAD BOWHUNTER Gents:              Club / Score

1st - Richard Ford Delamere Field Archers 730

 2nd - Marc Dellerba Kendal Bowmen 696 

 3rd - Mark Gill Kendal Bowmen 672

 TRAD BOWHUNTER Ladies:              Club / Score 

 1st - Lynne Harrison Centaura Field Archers 660 

 2nd - Viv Guthrie Delamere Field Archers 612 

 3rd - Toria Hough Independent 488 

 BOWHUNTER Gents:                              Club / Score 

 1st - Chris Smith Independent 746 

 2nd - Gus Gramuskas Independent 726 

 BOWHUNTER Ladies:                              Club / Score 

 1st - Kath Harrison Team Firebird FAC 674

 2nd - Helen Watson Foxhill Bowmen 634

 COMPOUND LIMITED Gents:                Club / Score

 1st - Paul Carter Team Firebird FAC 748

 2nd - Nathan Smith Independent 678 

 FREESTYLE Gents:                                      Club  / Score 

 1st - Daniel Moore Team Firebird FAC 770 

 UNLIMITED Gents:                                      Club / Score

 1st - Lee Witherington Muttley Crew Archers 856

 2nd - Mark Harrison Team Firebird FAC 850 

 3rd - Jim Marsh Team Firebird FAC 828 

 UNLIMITED Ladies:                                     Club / Score

 1st - Janet Allen Team Firebird FAC 774

 UNLIMITED U16B:                                        Club / Score

 Score 1st - Harry Smith Independent 676 

 CROSSBOW Gents :                                        Club / Score

 1st - Derek Fuller Foxhill Bowmen 800

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