Photo gallery

Photo gallery

Sir Geoffers - Happy Birthday 🥳
Sir Geoffers - Happy Birthday 🥳

National 3D Championships Thorseby Park  28 & 29 May

Several of the club members recently took part in these championships, whilst they did not bring home any silverware a great time was had by all especially our very own Sir Geoffers celebrating his 68th birthday  below are a few photos from the  weekend 

Thoresby Park 3D Championship 

PrestwichClough open day     May 22

A fantastic turn out of over 100 people throughout the day who came along and had go, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, if you want to have another go pleaae contact Geoff on 07754 583207

Special thanks to Joe and Norman for helping out on the day .

Delamere open shoot 

1 May 2022

Foxhill open shoot

6th March 2022


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